Upstart Services (US) helps individuals, agencies and businesses to clarify their product or service message.

Upstart Services specializes in providing clarifying solutions to product descriptions, marketing services, advertising programs and informational articles.  US will beautify language and transform drafts into literary masterpieces.

Written messages often are ambiguous and murky.  There are two American English languages – the spoken one and the written.  If someone writes like he speaks, he sounds stupid.  If someone speaks like she writes, she sounds stuck-up.  US knows how to take the client’s spoken word — real communication when face-to-face — and write it into the client’s voice, but craft it so she won’t sound stupid.

Your main purpose for using US to write (resume/ article/webtext) or edit (article or book – both fiction and non-fiction, including technical material) is to sound smart without sounding snobbish.  We take your message, edit it to  “smart” – in your voice – and help you reach your target market more clearly.  US helps busy people write it right.

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