Renee, on Yelp, says:
This is the most stressful YELP review I have written. It is for my very professional writer Salle Hayden. I hope my grammar skills hold to par. Alright, enough of my grade school fears — this is about Salle. I feel like she has magic powers to know what is on your mind. As a business woman I need someone I can give a few ideas and have them able to produce work that is truly in my words. I think there are a lot of business owners that don’t even know they need Salle. If you are writing marketing material for your audience and it doesn’t sound like you, as I have learned the hard way, your professional image can get knocked down . . . .people might even block you on Facebook, a very serious offensive act in this day and age. Salle can prevent that. Don’t make the mistake I did by hiring some low-cost no-name to help you with your professional image. Hire a professional! Call Salle.

Golden Crest, in a note to Salle, says:
Applause to you, accolades … thanks for being Salle on the spot. You delivered above and beyond. The article is fun; it’s light and it’s easy. It’s great. It ended up being directional toward our company without being self-serving – just informational. Thank you.


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