[Excerpt from a Grant Proposal for a Santa Clara County-wide program]

CalCAP Santa Clara County Grant 
Coalition Capability section of the proposal for Immigrant Resettlement & Cultural Center, Inc. that was successful

Understand the Target Group

The target population for this proposal is the 2,061 or more CalWORKs clients in Santa Clara County who are working, either full-time or part-time, but who still use some of the services available, such as assisted childcare or Medi-Cal. Community Outreach Workers (COWs) need in most cases to be bilingual because approximately 80% of these worker/clients identify themselves as speaking something other than English. Nearly half speak Vietnamese (according to the statistics provided to this agency by the County) but there is also a need for communicating in Spanish and other Asian languages. A few of the potential enrollees are from the Middle East or Eastern Europe language groups.

Staff Language and Cultural Capability

SEACC will reach those potential CalCAP enrollees throughout the County who speak Cambodian, Chinese and Eastern European languages. VIVO and IRCC Outreach Workers will concentrate on the Vietnamese. RFC has many staff members who are bilingual in Spanish, but all speak English very so they will concentrate on the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking potential clients.


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