Salle Hayden is the principal of Upstart Services, an agency of change and support established in mid-2004. US was founded on the credo of solving communication problems.

Salle Hayden has an extensive knowledge of literature, languages and linguistics, world religions, the arts (history, painting in oil & watercolor, sculpture, pottery – in Japan – and antiques), music, creative writing, technical editing, comparative cultures, animal behavior, nutrition and has performed in drama – stage and cinema – as well as teaching performance.  She brings this expertise to the table when helping a client craft a message.

While teaching in the United States (and Japan for 5½  years) from the 1970s through today, she attended San Jose State University for a BA in American Literature and an MA in Linguistics.  She also attended the C. Howard University of Excellence for Certification as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Performance Coach and Hypnotist, and then studied Alcohol & Drug Counseling at the Christian Institute of San Jose.  She continued with Certification as a teacher of The 3 Principals, formerly known as Health Realization, at the Health & Hospital Services Department of Santa Clara County.

And all this time she has been serving clients by finding the perfect words to express their message!


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