FAQs to the Wizard of Words, the Sorceress of Syllables and the Mistress of the Message

Q: If I write it myself, and use spell check and grammar check, won’t it be alright?

A: The short answer to that is “maybe.” But spell check doesn’t catch common usage as the incorrect word in your question – “alright” that should be “all right.” And then, on the other hand, the long answer to that is “If you’re lucky, what you have written may be correct, but what will happen to you (your business) if it does not clearly communicate what you want your client/family member/landlord/partner to know?” The solution is to have Upstart Services review your material for message as well as correctness – a review rate is quite reasonable AND it makes sure that you are sending the message you want to.

Q: When I listen to Challenger School advertisements on the radio, I learn the difference between “fewer and less,” and “farther and further.” What can I do to learn more of these kinds of word differences?

A: Why would you need to? Come to the wordsmith who already knows those differences, and so many more, to find the words that carry your idea into writing into heard/read and understood message. So much of your life is taken up with work. Let the words be your ideas, your voice, and our time. We can write it clearly and correctly so much faster than you can. Spend your time with your family, not slaving over a hot computer.

Q: Why do I want to use an outside vendor to generate copy about my product/service?

A: The key to continuing to find new clients, as well as developing and deepening the relationship you might have with your client base, is to keep them interested in what it is you are doing. Chances are that knocking off a 500-1000 word essay about the new stuff in your profession is not the part of your job that you are highly skilled at, or even want to spend any time on anyway. You got into the business that you’re in because you love the product, or you really shine as a provider of your service. You want your clients to hire you for your professionalism; hire a professional wordsmith to tell them how and why you shine.

Q: How much does Upstart Services charge for consultation, copywriting, editing and proofing?

A: How important is it to you, as a professional, to send out your message in a professional way? What we do at Upstart Services is not as expensive as a glaring error in the middle of your marketing piece would be. When you send out a flashy postcard with a misspelled word in your headline, the person who has taken the time to read it (not every recipient of a postcard or brochure will read it – what a shock!) can be easily persuaded that if you are “that careless in your marketing materials, how will you approach the job I might want you to do for me? Pass!”

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